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Dr. Garrett is not your average Chiropractor in San Diego. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a similar set of credential and experiences anywhere else worldwide – no exaggeration.

His dedication to overall health has helped his patients with severe conditions resulting from Auto Accidents, Sports Injuries, Pregnancy stages, Stress, and Daily work routines. His main emphasis is to correct the problem from the source.

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Customer Reviews

You can call him Dr G. or even Dr. OG, either way, he is definitely the Yoda of the Kinesiology world! There is no pain, physical or emotional, to big or too small that Dr. Garrett will not look at and find the root cause of. The science behind what he does is completely mind blowing. He is friendly, well educated and really cares about the well being of his patients. Plus he takes insurance and even has a few massage therapists on staff for that extra little touch ... no pun intended.

Mario Hughes


I have been in practice as a chiropractor for over 31 years, mostly in the Washington, DC area. I can say without a doubt that Dr. Garrett is ``The Chiropractor's Chiropractor.`` His extensive knowledge and experience are evident in every visit. I am grateful to have such a great chiropractor close to me and my family. 😎

Christopher Vogelmann