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  •   Suffered a car accident earlier this year. Dr. Garrett has been amazing! Even though I know it's a long road to recovery but with Dr. Garrett's care I know I'm in good hands. The office is conveniently located. Parking can be found all around plus there's parking in the blank that it is located at and they validate parking. The staff is great and friendly. Brenda is great at making you feel comfortable and reminding you about your appointments. Isabel,  the Office Manager is professional and will make sure you're getting the best care. Overall I highly recommend Dr. Garrett and his staff, where you will surely be treated like family.

    thumb Gabriella R.

      This is the best chiro I have ever been to.  He will completely work with YOUR needs.  The fact that he is a Kinesiologist is such a huge plus.  He is the first one I have worked with that was also a chiropractor.  He opens early or stays late for you, and will totally work with you and your insurance company to fight for what you need.  Thanks for everything doc, it has been a great experience.


    thumb Bruce P.

      No words can express my appreciation for Dr. Garrett.  I have a lot of old injuries and he has helped me immensely.   He helped me once after hours when I was in such pain I could not even walk.  I saw immediate improvement with him and continue to improve.  I am really grateful to have found him.  He really cares about his patients and goes out of his way.  There are so few practitioners of kinesiology  and we are so lucky to have him here in San Diego.  By the way his office manager Brenda is phenomenal, friendly and helpful.   She is always welcoming and so professional.  I give his practice  my highest recommendation.

    thumb Jessica B.
  •   You can call him Dr G. or even Dr. OG, either way, he is definitely the Yoda of the Kinesiology world!  There is no pain, physical or emotional, to big or too small that Dr. Garrett will not look at and find the root cause of.  The science behind what he does is completely mind blowing.  He is friendly, well educated and really cares about the well being of his patients.  Plus he takes insurance and even has a few massage therapists on staff for that extra little touch ... no pun intended.

    thumb William T.

      I can't even describe how grateful I am for Dr. Garrett. I was introduced to him when I was facing back surgery. After months of excruciating pain, and countless visits to doctors, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage I went to see him. He squeezed me in same day. It only took two appointments and my back pain was literally gone. I now have referred so many people to him. He is one of a kind. His continual pursuit of knowledge to help relieve people's pain is truly outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Garrett. You'll wish you had found him years ago!

    thumb Greg W.

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  • review rating 0  Best kinesiology and chiropractic doctor in California! He has fixed my mobility and pain problems on many occasions. Dont waste your money with any other chiropractor. Just cracking your bones is not enough.

    thumb Carol Duhamell

    review rating 0  Dr. Garrett and his staff are amazing..!!🤗

    thumb Aly R C. Nevarez

    review rating 5  Dr. Garrett and his staff are amazing and have truly helped change my life. Best chiro in town!

    thumb Cliff James Bell
  • review rating 0  I have been in practice as a chiropractor for over 31 years, mostly in the Washington, DC area. I can say without a doubt that Dr. Garrett is "The Chiropractor's Chiropractor." His extensive knowledge and experience are evident in every visit. I am grateful to have such a great chiropractor close to me and my family. 😎

    thumb Christopher Vogelmann

    review rating 5  Dr. Garrett has helped me so much... my back is really messed up but it has made a huge improvement!!

    thumb Linda Nimchuk Watson

    review rating 5  Dr Garrett is a highly trained professional who spends his life looking after the needs of other people if it wasn't for him I don't even know what I would say right now

    thumb Michael Fugate
  • review rating 5  Gostaria de relatar que fui muitíssimo bem atendida pelo Dr. Brian Garrett, fiz uma longa viagem de avião e como tenho artrose nos dois joelhos, senti dores terríveis, em apenas uma consulta, ele conseguiu sanar o problema. Outro fator importante é que na clínica há atendentes que falam português. Recomendo esse excelente profissional!

    thumb Karla Viola

    review rating 0  Dr. G is the best in town! He's seen me thru my last three pregnancies, awful sciatica, bad knees and flat feet! I always walk out feeling like a million bucks! My husband also sees him for a few herniated disks and feels a great difference after being seen by Dr. G. He's a chiropractor by profession, a kinesiologist at heart, and a great friend. He has my highest recommendation!

    thumb Samantha Lomeli

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  • review rating 5  My experience with Dr. Garret and his staff was very pleasant. They took great care of me and I can appreciate that. Thank you all very much.

    thumb Jamar Banks

    review rating 5  I have had clients of mine treat with Dr. Garrett. He is great and his staff were very easy to deal with. I would recommend him!

    thumb Alex Ozols

    review rating 2  Dr. Garrett was recommended to me as a good practitioner of applied kinesiology. I went to the clinic since I had some pain in my neck and frequent headaches. Dr. Garret and his staff was very pleasant. But after 7 sessions there were no positive dynamics on treatment outcomes. The Doctor didn't want to see my MRI and other surveys. He performed some kinesiology tests and did manipulations similar to what any chiropractor does. All this took about 30 minutes, sometimes only 15 minutes. Quite expensive for such a short session, which included the promotion of applied kinesiology and the argument that traditional scientific methods treat only the symptoms, and not the person. The doctor also could not tell me whether there would be an effect of the treatment or not. I got the impression that he has no course of treatment and no methods for checking the result, except for my own feelings. Unfortunately, it was a waste of money and time for me. Be well!

    thumb Kate
  • review rating 5  Dr Brian is simply amazing. His vast medical discipline skill sets and years of knowledge, combined with a heart to help others find actual relief, put him in a very special category. Brian doesn't have a chip on his shoulder like some specialists do, in fact he's about as down to earth as anyone I've ever met. Take a look at the diplomas that cover several walls, in several rooms of the office and you'll realize just how unique that disposition is. I've met specialists with one diploma who act like they walk on water, but Brian isn't anything like that. I've known him since about 2005 and through the years we've gotten to know each other very well, so well in fact that after I was in a violent car wreck in 2011, it was Brian that noticed something wasn't right with me, beyond the aches and pains, and had me sent for an MRI where a bleeding traumatic brain injury was discovered. Several other Drs had missed and / or misdiagnosed the symptoms causing it to remain untreated until Brian took notice. He doesn't just care, he's invested in his patients, he takes time to get to know them in a way most others don't even consider doing. He's constantly on the hunt for knowledge and ways to better himself as a healer and as a human being. When other Drs told me I'd never walk right again, Brian did nothing but encourage me until I not only walked right, I ran! I got back to surfing, running my construction company and playing drums! He won't give up on you and he surely helps me to not give up on myself. He has to many diplomas to list, but if you need a chiropractor or a kenesiologist, Brian should be number one on your list. Sincerely, Chad B

    thumb Chad B

    review rating 5  I’ve had a terrible car accident this year . A drunken driver that crossed the red line and hit me pretty hard . I had multiple fractures , had 2 surgeries and stayed in the hospital for close to 1 month . My lawyer sent me to a neurologist, Orthopedist , and physical therapy . After months of treatment , I still in a lot of pain ! Finally , one week ago , I had my first visit with Dr Garrett . I’ve never had seen a chiropractor before and Had little hope , as I’ve been treated for so long without little improvement . I was BLOWN-AWAY !!!!!! It has been only 1 week and for the first time in months , I could sleep for over 8 hours . I wish I went to see Dr Garrett from the beginning . I suffered for all of those months . I am still getting treatment with Dr Garrett and I recommend to anyone after an accident or that is in pain . I am so grateful to him , can’t thank Dr Garrett enough . He really saved my life !

    thumb Tyrone Jones

    review rating 5  I’ve been a patient for over 20 years of Dr Garrett and he has treated myself , my husband , my mom , my children and grandchildren . I can, definitely, say with experience , Dr Garrett is the best applied kinesiology doctor of the United States . Thanks a lot for your care , the person you are and everything you’ve done for myself and my family !! Forever grateful !

    thumb Leslie Amoura
  • review rating 5  If I could I would give Dr. Garrett a 1000 stars ! Struggled my whole life with back pain . I have no idea what he did in my first visit , felt immediately relief. He uses a mix of different techniques that are very unique and efficient. I refer all my friends and family to Dr. Garrett thru the years and everybody LOVES him . Thanks for everything you do , Dr. G

    thumb Lindsay Gomez

    review rating 5  Always great service. Dr. Garrett is highly experienced, I’ve continued my visits for over a year, I love their massage therapy as well. I have visited other chiropractors in San Diego and Garrett is the best!!

    thumb Luisana Herrera

    review rating 5  Great prices and great people , would definitely recommend them to everyone!

    thumb Debra Benton