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  •   I have been seeing Dr Garrett for probably 10 years. I travel to see him when my local Chiro is unable to figure out a major or chronic issue that i am challenged with. Dr Garrett is able to pin point the problem and relieve my symptoms on just about every visit and he does so without any forceful adjustments. His experience and broad range of knowledge is greater than any other health practitioner I have worked with. I highly recommend him.

    thumb Will T.

      What a great guy. Brian really cares about you feeling your best. I will refer him to everyone I know. Thanks Brian

    thumb dee l.

      I hurt my neck before coming to San Diego. Dr Garrett got me in and fixed my neck and arm pain. He is a very interesting person with a lot of knowledge. Wish I could find a chiropractor/kinesiologist like him in my home town.

    thumb Corey K.
  •   Suffered a car accident earlier this year. Dr. Garrett has been amazing! Even though I know it's a long road to recovery but with Dr. Garrett's care I know I'm in good hands. The office is conveniently located. Parking can be found all around plus there's parking in the blank that it is located at and they validate parking. The staff is great and friendly. Brenda is great at making you feel comfortable and reminding you about your appointments. Isabel,  the Office Manager is professional and will make sure you're getting the best care. Overall I highly recommend Dr. Garrett and his staff, where you will surely be treated like family.

    thumb Gabriella R.

      Dr. Garrett has treated me twice for TMJ flare-ups with applied kinesiology. The first treatment in 2014 or 2015 gave me relief for about 3 to 4 years, and I just recently returned for a second treatment in 2018. At the time of my first visit, I couldn't open my mouth enough to bite into a sandwich. The applied kinesiology treatment relaxed my jaw completely in about 10 minutes. This year (2018) the symptoms were getting a bit acute again (intermittent stabbing jaw pain, ear pain), so I returned for the 2nd treatment. So far, my jaw is relaxed, ear pain is gone, no stabbing pain. I so appreciate his mastery of this alternative  medicine technique and highly recommend his services. Prior to visiting him, I had tried another chiropractor and obtained no relief. (Physical therapy was helpful and I continue to use the PT's recommended jaw exercises to manage my TMJ condition).

    thumb Helene C.

      Dr. Brian Garrett might be San Diego's best kept secret.

    My teenage daughter recieved a concussion from cheer. Four months later and many co-pays and dr visits later her headaches, balance, and focus were none the better. She has missed months of school.  She had been attending a concussion clinic, PT, nuerology, etc... nothing was helping her.

    Then I was introduced to Dr. Garrett and her life changed. Within one Kinesiology visit something shifted for the positive. Her headaches, balance and focus are greatly improved. Even the nuero doctor noticed and was amazed. Today was only her second appointment, and I can see hours later that she is doing even better.

    thumb Laura V.
  •   I have to admit I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor at first. But from the moment I stepped into Garrett Downtown Chiropractic, I felt welcome and relaxed. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Garrett is simply amazing! I was having back problems due to my pregnancy that wouldn't go away and I wasn't able to take medicine.  After treatments with Dr. Garrett my pain began to subside and I was able to enjoy my pregnancy again! I'm so thankful because I was in such intense pain.  My husband even started going to him once he saw how great I felt! We both love that they offer acupuncture and massage too! Go see Dr. Garrett..you will not be disappointed!!

    thumb Marie J.

      I can't even describe how grateful I am for Dr. Garrett. I was introduced to him when I was facing back surgery. After months of excruciating pain, and countless visits to doctors, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage I went to see him. He squeezed me in same day. It only took two appointments and my back pain was literally gone. I now have referred so many people to him. He is one of a kind. His continual pursuit of knowledge to help relieve people's pain is truly outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Garrett. You'll wish you had found him years ago!

    thumb Greg W.

      Dr Garrett's touch and adjustments are magical. He is not an ordinary chiropractor just cracking backs, but a sports kinesiologist, nutritionist, and neurology specialist.  Please go see him before you partake in any type of surgery.  I highly recommend his expertise please go see him with any of your physical ailments.

    thumb Darren R.

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  • review rating 5  Dr Garrett is a highly trained professional who spends his life looking after the needs of other people if it wasn't for him I don't even know what I would say right now

    thumb Michael Fugate

    review rating 5  Dr. Garrett and his staff are amazing and have truly helped change my life. Best chiro in town!

    thumb Cliff James Bell

    review rating 0  Dr. G is the best in town! He's seen me thru my last three pregnancies, awful sciatica, bad knees and flat feet! I always walk out feeling like a million bucks! My husband also sees him for a few herniated disks and feels a great difference after being seen by Dr. G. He's a chiropractor by profession, a kinesiologist at heart, and a great friend. He has my highest recommendation!

    thumb Samantha Lomeli
  • review rating 5  Dr. Garrett has helped me so much... my back is really messed up but it has made a huge improvement!!

    thumb Linda Nimchuk Watson

    review rating 0  Dr. Garrett and his staff are amazing..!!🤗

    thumb Aly R C. Nevarez

    review rating 0  Best kinesiology and chiropractic doctor in California! He has fixed my mobility and pain problems on many occasions. Dont waste your money with any other chiropractor. Just cracking your bones is not enough.

    thumb Carol Duhamell
  • review rating 5  Gostaria de relatar que fui muitíssimo bem atendida pelo Dr. Brian Garrett, fiz uma longa viagem de avião e como tenho artrose nos dois joelhos, senti dores terríveis, em apenas uma consulta, ele conseguiu sanar o problema. Outro fator importante é que na clínica há atendentes que falam português. Recomendo esse excelente profissional!

    thumb Karla Viola

    review rating 0  I have been in practice as a chiropractor for over 31 years, mostly in the Washington, DC area. I can say without a doubt that Dr. Garrett is "The Chiropractor's Chiropractor." His extensive knowledge and experience are evident in every visit. I am grateful to have such a great chiropractor close to me and my family. 😎

    thumb Christopher Vogelmann

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  • review rating 5  Great person, with incredible knowledge, of course I will come back. Im a fighter, and he helps me a lot without wasting time. Who wants reach a high level performance, needs a doctor like him monthly. No doubts about it.

    thumb Arthur Sousa

    review rating 5  Dr. Brian Garrett is the man! I received treatment from him after a severe car accident and I can truly say that without it I am sure that I would have been in pain for the rest of my life! He is not only well versed in chiropractic care but also in kinesthetics and practices from all over the world. Not to mention, he’s just a nice guy!

    thumb Benjamin Hart

    review rating 5  I have been seeing Dr Garrett for probably 10 years. I travel to see him when my local Chiro is unable to figure out a major or chronic issue that i am challenged with. Dr Garrett is able to pin point the problem and relieve my symptoms on just about every visit and he does so without any forceful adjustments. His experience and broad range of knowledge is greater than any other health practitioner I have worked with. I highly recommend him.

    thumb Tranquilnet ITSolutions
  • review rating 5  Brenda and Isabelle are super friendly and nice. The Doctor Garret is very professional and very friendly. This will feel like home. Visits take no longer than 10 minutes for me.

    thumb Richard Medina

    review rating 5  My experience with Dr. Garret and his staff was very pleasant. They took great care of me and I can appreciate that. Thank you all very much.

    thumb Jamar Banks

    review rating 5  Always great service. Dr. Garrett is highly experienced, I’ve continued my visits for over a year, I love their massage therapy as well. I have visited other chiropractors in San Diego and Garrett is the best!!

    thumb Luisana Herrera
  • review rating 5  I want to thank you Dr. Garrett for your AWESOME service!!! You are definitely THEE best Chiropractor ever!!! I'm not quite Jamie Summers (The Bionic Woman) but thanks to you I am well on my way. I would also like to thank Mrs. Isabelle as well as your exceptional receptionist Mrs. Brenda!!!! You are all definitely A POWER TEAM!!! Respectfully yours, LaTonya McClellan

    thumb NoMo' Drahma

    review rating 5  Dr Garrett is a professional along with his staff it was a joy working with them they really care about there patients

    thumb earl mckinney

    review rating 5  I have been a patient of Dr Garrett for many years and he was the only chiropractor that really fixed my shoulder and back. Forever grateful to dr Garrett . He is the best !

    thumb Mike Drogan