At Garrett Downtown Chiropractic, we offer to our patients Custom made Foot OrthoticsĀ  ( Paid by most PPO insurances)

About Orthotics


At Garrett Downtown Chiropractic we offer the service of Custom Made Orthotics. This is done with the help of three-dimensional technology, which makes an accurate scan of your feet, while standing and walking, to determine exactly what type of biomechanical correction is needed.

These service helps correct the deformities that occur on the foot and the ankle region. However, it also helps in improving the functioning of the foot or ankle and aligning these body parts for support.

Our 7-Point Assessment Report Looks at:

  • Weight Distribution
  • Areas of High Pressure
  • Body Balance
  • Mass Displacement
  • Phases of Gait
  • Gait Symmetry
  • Symmetry
  • Orthotics-300×229
  • Preparing the report


Regular Orthotics are made through the use of error prone foam box or plaster casting. The problem is that the physician has no idea how the foot & limb works. Bioengineered Orthotics uses 3D computer imaging (3DO) static (non movement and dynamic (movement) studies to evaluate complex cyclic load conditions and therefore much more accurate in controlling neutral join positioning, pressure load, balance, gait, symmetry. Standard orthotics has associated with its 27 potential error points which can affect desired results.