Neck Pain Treatment

To Know The Causes  And Neck Pain Treatment Visit A Chiropractor



Neck pain is very common and some time or the other you may have experienced it. This is when we come into the picture. Visiting us at Garrett Downtown Chiropractic, you will also come to know about the causes of such excruciating pain as well. There are specific activities that lead to neck pain which when ignored can become chronic. You must know that movement does not cause the pain but it is the overuse of your neck that is the primary cause of such pain in the neck. We ensure that not only your get relief from your pain but we also eliminate the root cause of such pains which is the fundamental of all chiropractic care process. That is where we excel from other surgical and pharmaceutical-based treatments.

Magical No Drug Treatment


All our treatment procedure is essentially drug-free and non-surgical. It is our training and skill that we eliminate the pain artistically, or you may also say magically. Minor or chronic, and neck pain can be treated by us permanently. Chiropractic care is the most proven and successful method for neck pain treatment in San Diego which is caused to specific people according to the type of job or activity they are involved in. Recreational activities, sports person engaged in contact sports and even people working on computers for a long time are usual sufferers of neck pain. Neck pain can be varied and usually ranges from stiffness around the neck region to even acute pain. It can affect other parts of your body like lower and upper back, shoulder and arms.

Pain Causing Activities


Specific activities may cause spasm in the neck muscles and inflammation in the neck joint that may cause neck pain. Such conditions may result from prolonged improper positioning of your neck. Sleeping on a too high or low pillow and even stress can lead to neck pain apart from sudden tripping, whiplash and excess twisting of the spine. In all these situations the trapezius muscle is stressed and affected resulting in such pain. Breaking or dislocating a vertebra of your spine, a ruptured disc that leaks the jelly inside it may also cause neck pain and call for a neck pain chiropractor San Diego of Garrett Downtown Chiropractic.