Know The Relation Between Chiropractic Care And Kinesiology



Chiropractic care and Kinesiology is considered to be a gentle treatment process essentially for the reduction of neck and back pain without the use of drugs or surgical scissors. Predominantly related with your spine, bone joints and muscles, we at Garrett Downtown Chiropractic restore the self-healing ability of your body. Over the years, the treatment process has evolved for the better and now we also use some specifically designed tools and instruments as well. We know exactly how each bone in your body moves and through our specific tests and expert analysis determine the degree of misalignment and formulate the best treatment process. Such treatment processes include manipulation of the spine by hand.  It is all about the quick and calculated pressure that we exert to your spine that results in proper alignment.

Different Treatment Process


Chiropractic treatment does not only include manipulation of the spine or ‘Adjustments’. We also implement other effective and result driven treatment methods like massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, dry needling, ergonomic, postural and exercise therapy as well. With the advancement in the treatment process, we also follow other electrotherapeutic modalities in Garrett Downtown Chiropractic. Our primary objective though is to restore normalcy and increase mobility and functionality of your body, bones, and muscles through non-surgical procedures. The symptoms of such pains depend on the area of nerve irritation or inflammation of the muscles. Such symptoms include neck and back pain, headache, migraine, chest pain, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, arm, and wrist pain, along with leg, knee, foot and ankle pain.

Advanced Chiropractic Care


Over the years the care process has developed and no we follow chiropractic kinesiology San Diego. In this process, we look at the structural, emotional, nutritional and meridian imbalances in your body with clinical observation and muscle testing. We also consider the environmental effects along with vascular, cranial, lymphatic, muscular, biochemical, endocrine, acupuncture meridians along with the central nervous system. Such imbalances are rectified with a variety of processes like cranial manipulation, spinal manipulation, pelvic blocking, jaw rebalancing, emotional release, acupressure, nutritional recommendations, and counseling as well. Therefore, visiting us will ensure that your pain is eliminated from the root with self-healing ability restored.