Back Pain Treatment

Know How Chiropractic Works In Back Pain Treatment


The primary objective of chiropractic care is to focus on the manipulation of the spine and rectify the alignment so that it helps in pain management. Chiropractic care also facilitates the self-healing capabilities of your body. We at Garrett Downtown Chiropractic reduce such anomalies and thereby reduce the pressure on your central nervous system which is located inside your spine. We treat lower back pain treatment San Diego and headaches along with neck pain with our non-invasive, no drug treatment process. It all starts with an evaluation process in which all your symptoms and effects are carefully considered to formulate the best treatment process. It is during this time we suggest for different tests and x-rays to know the exact condition of your bone joints and the degree of misalignments.

Developing A Treatment Plan


The next stage is the formulation of the proper and most suitable treatment plan for chronic pain treatment in San Diego. This is the time when we work together with you to ensure the best results. You must know at this juncture that most people consider that we have magical power in healing chronic but the fact is we are not magicians and therefore you will require multiple sessions of such treatments to receive the best results and best pain therapy. It is during these visits that we change the degree of force applied to your spine to align the vertebra and manage pain. Such force can be low or may be abrupt as well. All our treatment process is usually done by bare hands but to provide better results and care Garrett Downtown Chiropractic uses specially designed instruments as well.

Massage Therapy Is Prime


We rely heavily on massage therapy which is incorporated essentially into all our treatment processes. This ensures better, faster and long-lasting results eliminating the chances of the pain resurfacing in the future. That is why we ensure all tests are done before one of our best back pain chiropractor San Diego takes over and starts the treatment process. Apart from the massage, you will also be given a proper and changed diet chart along with some nutritional supplements.